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James Arthur Visits for Comic Relief!!

X-Factor Winner James Arthur dropped by for a visit on March 13th as part of Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day Celebrations.  James was given a list of charities from the area, which received Comic Relief funding, and chose to visit us because of his own personal experiences.

James himself has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and revealed he still suffers from the symptoms.

James was introduced to the Staff and Members of our Executive Committee and he chatted with some of those who have received support from our organisation including Claire, 26, who has lived with depression since she was attacked in the street four years ago.  Claire said: ‘When you suffer depression you’re scared of what people think.  STAMP has helped my find my old self.  Without the project, I’d be six feet under, I was so desperate’.

He also spoke with Ralph, who suffers from depression and panic attacks. Ralph is a longstanding Member of STAMP Revisited whose journey to recovery has led him to become Vice Chair of the organisation.  Ralph said:  ‘You can have all the money in the world but it’s not important if you’re suffering.  James will be a big role model in making more people aware of mental health issues’.

James very quickly put these people at ease and I was amazed at how interested he was in the work that we do and how we had helped people with mental health issues.

The chat also prompted James to open up about the difficult times he has faced.  James said: ‘I’m not ashamed of my past experiences with mental health and anxiety and things like that because most people who suffer these things are usually intelligent, articulate or creative people.  The only way to get through those problems is to accept it and speak to people about it’.

‘Sometimes I can’t sleep, I’ve got many creative ideas going round my head.  I get the guitar out and start signing at the top of my voice until I feel any anxiety draining away.  Music is my coping mechanism.  Singing something passionately releases that energy”.

“In my life I’ve had some low points, so now it’s really important to give something back because I’m really passionate about changing people’s perceptions about mental health”.

‘This project is doing amazing work and the men and women it supports are inspirational’.

James offered to become our Ambassador and make people aware of the work that we do and to raise the fact that further funding is essential to enable the Charity to continue.

James was very friendly, open and unassuming and nothing was too much trouble for him as he posed with everyone for photographs and signed autographs and books for all.  

He also donated a signed Comic Relief T-Shirt during the visit which netted the organisation £200 through an eBay Auction.   Our thanks and congratulations go to Mark Riley for his very kind donation.

We are all delighted at the support James is offering to our organisation and we thank him for raising our profile via twitter.


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