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STAMP Revisited Achieve Bronze

STAMP Revisited are pleased to announce that we have recently achieved the Bronze Award for Investors in People accreditation.

On May 23rd, we undertook our review with Iris Hillery, with the main objectives focusing on communication, consultation and involvement with particular reference to supporting well being. In order to gather evidence, Iris undertook one-to-one interviews with 10 people including the Chair of Trustees, the Project Manager, people working within the project and some volunteers.

During the review we achieved a total of 69 evidence requirements (30 requirements above the normal Investors in People Standard) with our Bronze Status being confirmed on June 8th.  This is particularly pleasing as organisations that achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold status represent the top 6% of recognised Investors in People.  

This is a real boost to everyone involved with the organisation and we would like to pass on our congratulations and thanks to you all, especially those who took part in the interviews. Passing this review means that STAMP Revisited have consistently met the standards of Investors in People for 9 years, having first achieved the Award in May 2003.

Below are extracts from our Review Report:

Overall Conclusion

“Based on the evidence collected during the review visit, the Assessor confirms that STAMP Revisited continues to meet the Investors in People Standard and in view of the additional evidence collected against the 30 selected additional requirements, should be awarded Bronze level additional accreditation.

The organisation has clearly continued to operate using Investors in People principles as demonstrated by the strengths described and very positive comments by volunteers and employees alike. This report is designed to offer further suggestions for development which can be further explored during the half-day workshop session”.

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