STAMP Revisited believes wholeheartedly in equality of opportunity and welcomes volunteers from all walks of life.

Everybody has useful skills and abilities and hopefully through discussion we can determine what opportunities within STAMP Revisited will be mutually beneficial.

“ Make a difference to someone who needs your compassion and action “

We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone

Volunteers are our greatest organisational asset and sit at the heart of our community. We welcome people from all walks of life and everyone has something to offer and skills to share. We involve volunteers in the work we do because volunteers don’t just do work, they make it work. Through discussions will can explore volunteering opportunities you can access.

Volunteering can benefit you in many different ways and the rewards available to you include connecting you to your community, promotes your wellbeing, boosts your employability and delivers fulfilment to your life.

“volunteering has been an amazing and I have learnt a great deal about other people and myself, it has given me the opportunity to develop necessary skills to work in the health and social care sector”


Ways you can Volunteer

How you volunteer all depends on what your interests are and how much time you have to give. Volunteering is a rewarding and fulfilling activity, as your help and support makes a difference that is valued.

Support Advocates provide assisted advocacy to the people who need help to get their voice heard. You will work alongside Mental Health Advocates and assist with client calls, assessments and advocacy actions.

Support volunteers help within the areas of admin, marketing, service development, helping organising events and fundraising.

‘Offering kindness, empathy and practical skill can be transformational for people who often feel left out, vulnerable or overburdened within the community. I am proud to help people put their voices into action and achieve their goals”

Lisa -Support Advocate

“Knowing I have helped some secure their benefit entitlement is invaluable. Being a support advocate has been a personal investment which has broadened my own skills, knowledge and personal growth”

Jo – Support Advocate

“the staff were helpful & polite, nothing was too much trouble for them, they were excellent at teaching the skills I needed for the role and explained things clearly. I was made to feel valued and that my opinion mattered, even though I was only there a short duration”

Mark – Support Advocate
Lisa -Support Advocate

You will be given training to prepare and assist you for the role and you will be supported by the team, your team lead and our Project Manager.

Some questions you may have about volunteering

Do I have to commit to a required amount of time?

We are flexible to your needs, what you can offer is greatly appreciated, if you have direct contact with our beneficiaries, we do ask for a minimum commitment of 6 month. This is due to the time needed to build relations with the people you are supporting.

How quickly can I start?

Generally, as soon as you can, but will depend on the volunteering role do wish to undertake.

Are travel expenses reimbursed?

Yes, we do reimburse out of pocket travel expenses.

Can I volunteer if I have used the service?

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds. We will explore the reasons why you wish to volunteer, where you are on your recovery journey and how long since you accessed the service. We do ask for a minimum for 6 months’ time lapse since using the service. This is to make sure you are in the right place to support vulnerable people as we must make sure you and those you are supporting get the best experience possible.

Do I have to have a DBS check?

As we work with vulnerable people, you will be expected to undertake a Disclosure and Barring check.

What training do I need to do?

You will be given training to prepare and assist you for the role and you will be supported by the team, team leads, and our Project Manager If you are interested in volunteering, please use the link below to view our application form and email it to: info@stamprevisited.org.uk

To apply to become a volunteer, please click the button below, complete
the form and return to info@stamprevisited.org.uk